William Hill Radio blocked for non-UK users

Unfortunately the team at William Hill Radio have now restricted access to their streaming radio to the UK only. We at Hornetradio.fm have no control over this.

This means that our William Hill Radio page should be working as per usual for you if you are in the UK, but it will not work if you are outside of the UK.

What can you do if it does not work for you?

  1. You can try and use a VPN with a UK IP and then load William Hill Radio as usual. This may or may not work for you, because unfortunately many VPN's are also being blocked by William Hill's security. As such you may need to try various different VPNs before you find one that works.
  2. You can complain directly to William Hill via Twitter at https://twitter.com/WillHillHelp or via their online chat at: https://www.williamhill.com/app/ask in the hope that they may reconsider blocking non-UK access.

Unfortunately we at Hornetradio.fm only provide indirect access to William Hill Radio and have no control over their actions and policies.

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